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Winter Citrus Cocktail - A Party Pleaser

Over the weekend I put on my mixology hat and shook up this tasty Winter Citrus Cocktail, featuring 3 Sonoma County Beverage Brands; Jardesca White Aperitiva, HelloCello Orangecello and Hanson Mandarin Vodka. A very easy drink to batch and serve at your next holiday gathering!


2 Grapefruits - Juiced and Strained

1 Mandarin/Tangerine (I used a cutie) - Juiced and Strained

1 C Jardesca White Aparetiva

¾ C Hello Cello Orangecello

1.5 - 2 oz Hanson Mandarin Vodka

4 - 5 Ice Cubes

2 - 3 oz Sparkling Wine or Sparkling Water


2 C Measuring Cup



Cheese Cloth

Mason Jar w/lid

Glass - Rocks Glass, Highball or Champagne Flute


1. Cut all citrus in half

2. Juice citrus into Measuring Cup - yields around 1.5 C’s

  • I do this by hand, it produces a high yield. Or if you have a fancy juice machine to do it for you...sweet

  • Yes, you can use store bought juice. Just know it will most likely be sweeter than intended.

3. Cut a piece of cheese cloth, so it fits over the mouth of your mason jar.

4. Take the cap of the jar, without the lid and twist onto the jar. Fixing the cheese cloth in place.

  • Now you have a built in strainer to catch seeds and pulp from the juice

5. Pour juice through strainer - this will take some time, as the pulp will clog the cheese cloth.

6. Discard the cheese cloth & pulp

7. Add in Jardesca White Aparetiva, Hello Cello Orangecello & Hanson Mandarin Vodka to the mason jar

8. Place lid and cap on top of mason jar, seal and shake - Total yield around 3 Cups

9. Pour mixture into a glass, about ¾ full, add ice (if using a rocks or highball) and top with sparkling wine or sparkling water.

This cocktail is great for a make ahead-drink later beverage. All you have to do is give it a good shake before pouring it over ice and topping with sparkling wine or water. If you're in charge of bringing drinks to the party, make a larger batch and serve in a punch bowl!

Cheers - Poppy & Vine

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