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In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... BLASTOFF to The Astro Motel

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

The Astro Motel has lived in the heart of Santa Rosa since the early 1960’s and if you grew up here, you know its had a checkered past. Originally part of a motor lodge chain, mainly located on the west coast, the motel thrived in the 60’s and early 70’s. But the 80’s and 90’s were not so kind, and The Astro fell into disarray. This is the motel that I knew and grew up with. Driving past it every day from the age of 9 to 14, while on my way to school, I always thought it was sketchy. A dirty old motel, filled with bed bugs, junkies, and a good time for anyone who was willing to pay. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too far off but luckily in the early 2000’s there were signs of new life. A name change, a few renovation attempts, but nothing seemed to stick. That is until members of The Spinster Sisters team, chef Liza Hinman, Santa Rosa native Eric Anderson,and champion cyclist Andy Hampsten purchased the property in Winter of 2017. And after a massive remodel from almost the ground up, The Astro reopened in late October of 2017 in all it’s mid-century modern glory!

Since it’s opening, The Astro has gained national attention as one of the “most luxurious motels in America”, as reported by GQ and that is just one of several media companies to shout out the motel. Take a look at Sunset Magazine and Vogue, just to name a few, who all agree The Astro is a must stay. While their excitement for the motel in all its retro-chicness is true, it’s also a very down to earth, welcoming, and reasonably priced place to lay your head. That was my take away after having the opportunity to sit in what was once the motels garage, now lounge and bike shop and speak with chef/owner Liza Hinman. Whether you are here to experience wine, adventure, food, or art, The Astro sits steps away from all of it.

Some cool take aways:

  • Owned, designed and managed by Sonoma County Locals

  • Sits at the entrance to the SOFA district-“Sonoma County’s next big destination neighborhood”

  • No two rooms are the same! Amenities yes, décor no

  • If you see a piece of furniture or art you’d like to take home, you can buy it!

  • They have a Bike Somm, ship your bike ahead of your arrival and he can reassemble it. Need a little tune up, he’s got you covered or just need a safe place to store it during your stay, also have that.

  • Don’t have a bike? You can rent one, a Shinola to be exact

  • Guest can enjoy fresh pastries from Criminal Bakery and Flying Goat Coffee every morning in the Lounge

  • Lounge is great for small groups to hang out and relax, open till 10 pm, nightly

  • They have killer mid-week specials, like Beds, Bikes and A Picnic in the Park, which includes: a Queen bed, one night accomodation, bike rental for 2 w/ a map to a park of your choice and a picnic from The Spinster Sisters.

  • Rooms starting under $200.00 a night

What’s Next for Spinster Hospitality?

  • Pop-Up Vintage furniture store-After going a little hog wild at auctions for authentic mid-century modern pieces, there is an overflow and discussion about setting up shop!

  • Catering and Event space-Most likely in the SOFA district, a place to run the catering business, as well as have a large event space and continue to show off all the SOFA district has to offer.

Some of Chef’s Favorites, when they’re not her own:

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