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Vendors - Wine Country Distillery Festival

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Here are the vendors you can look forward to seeing at the first annual Wine Country Distillery Festival!

Distillery Vendors

Alley 6, Healdsburg, CA - "Alley 6 is truly a small batch craft distillery that delivers you a one of a kind experience. The distillery produces premium spirits in small batches using traditional distilling techniques. Every part of the process is done right here at the distillery in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California—from milling the grain, to mashing, fermenting, distilling, barreling, and bottling".

Tamar Distillery Inc., Redwood Valley, CA -Tamar Distillery Inc., American Craft Whiskey Distillery was founded in 2008, where Low Gap Whiskey, Russell Henry Gins, Fluid Dynamics Cocktails, and DSP 162 Vodkas is produced. The distillery uses ancient methods learned during a lengthy apprenticeship with a brandy master from Cognac. Crispin, Tamar's president applies the old double distillation method used in Cognac for over 500 years to make Low Gap Whiskey, and our other products. This allows him to select only the heart of the spirit to save for aging, blending, and drinking, lending a particularly high quality to the finished products.

Young & Yonder, Healdsburg, CA - "Young & Yonder Spirits, an artisan craft distillery led by a husband and wife team, is based in Sonoma County, California. We are young, full of ambition and left our homes and careers in San Francisco to move up yonder, off the grid in Sonoma to pursue our dream of building a craft distillery and to make great spirits.

From grain to shelf, we belabor every detail for quality and continually strive to innovate, trying out new, novel techniques, flavors and experimentation's to create exceptional distilled products for all to enjoy".

Sipsong Spirits, Sonoma County, CA - "Each sip of gin sings a story. It begins in a forest or a field--an encounter of the forager and a sprig--and continues through the crafting process. At Sipsong Spirits we share nature’s story by distillation in our copper alembic stills and invite you to join us".

Humboldt Distillery, Fortuna, CA - "ORGANIC SPIRITS FROM HUMBOLDT COUNTY - On California’s redwood coast, we make quality and award-winning spirits, including organic vodka, organic rum, organic spiced rum, and Humboldt’s Finest.  We also distill small batches of apple brandy available for purchase at the distillery".

Charbay, St Helena, CA - "For 34 years, Charbay has been producing small releases of handcrafted spirits, wines, ports, aperitifs & liqueurs in Northern California".

Loch & Union, Napa Valley, CA - " Loch & Union’s story began while Colin Baker was studying for his Master’s Degree in Brewing & Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. His interest in distilling eventually became an obsession, which led to the idea of opening a distillery of his own.... But where to put this new distillery? Napa Valley of course!... and it’s in the Bay Area, which has one of the most vibrant and creative distilling / spirit scenes anywhere, it was clear this is where the distillery should be planted and grow roots".

Raff Distillerie, San Francisco, CA - " Established in early 2011 by Master Distiller, Carter Raff who’s distilling experience amounts to 17+ years. Located in San Francisco, the distillery sits in the old Navy Brigg on Treasure Island, a most appropriate place for distilling gin, absinthe, and rhum. Raff spirits are all handcrafted and produced in lots of 350 gallons or less".

Griffo Distillery, Petaluma CA - "We're a family-run operation with an emphasis on high quality, California-grown ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship. From formal analysis to custom still controls of our own design, we infuse every step of the spirit-making process with ingenuity and precision—merging craft and science to create spirits that are both beautiful and complex".

Spirit Works Distillery, Sebastopol, CA - " Like their unique Sloe Gin, husband and wife team, Timo and Ashby Marshall bring a combination of traditional British legacy and innovative West Coast style to Spirit Works Distillery".

Falcon Spirits Distillery, Richmond, CA - " a small batch producer of award winning spirits using the abundance of high quality farm products produced in California. We pay great deal of attention to every aspect of our production from sourcing to bottling. Our production runs are between 300 to 1000 bottles per batch; All handmade and hand bottled".

Sonoma Brothers, Windsor, CA - "As brothers growing up in Sonoma County, Chris and Brandon acquired a love and appreciation for small family businesses at a young age. Spending their summers helping at their uncle’s family business, Olivier Napa Valley, taught them the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It wasn’t until much later in life that Chris and Brandon took the leap of faith and followed in their family footsteps by opening their own company. With a drive to bring hand-crafted, authentic spirits to a county best known for wine, Sonoma Brothers hopes to carve their own niche into this region. Honoring integrity and quality of product, these twin brothers devote themselves to not only making spirits their customers can appreciate, but more importantly, creating a local, honest company their customers can believe in".

Graton Distilling Co., Graton, CA - " Graton Distilling Company makes meticulously crafted spirits that reflect the rustic artistry and raucous vibe of our Northern California home. Our Gin, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye Whiskey and Vodka each has their own soul, their own spirit. We try to let each one emerge on their own terms".

Sonoma Distilling Co., Rohnert Park, CA - "Grain to Glass is our focus at Sonoma Distilling Company. Every level of production is handled in-house, including the milling, mashing and fermentation of grains, hand-made copper alembic pot distillation, American oak barrel aging, bottling and labeling".

Rapscallion Spirits Co., Ukiah, CA - "Rapscallion Spirits is the distilled result of nonconformity, unmatched flavor found in familiar contradictions where revolution collides with purpose".

New Alchemy Distilling, El Dorado Hills, CA - "Every product is made by our distiller-owners in tiny batches, on one of the stills we’ve designed and built ourselves".

Jaxon Keys, Hopland, CA - "We produce three individual, single vineyard estate spirits. They range in age from 5 to 25 year aged in barrel. They have won numerous awards while up against the finest Brandy and Cognac in the world". 

Sonoma Coast Spirits, Petaluma, CA - " Recreating family recipes is what Sonoma Coast Spirits is all about. Founded in 2011, Doug and Jill Olson operate their craft distillery in the Petaluma’s Maker’s Alley... on North McDowell Blvd. in Petaluma, CA. They bring to the discriminating consumer, Jill’s traditional family recipes in ready to drink cocktails to be enjoyed conveniently in your home with family and friends".

Barber Lee Spirits, Petaluma, CA - " We are a family run distillery dedicated to the art of distilling.

We use the best heirloom corn, malted grain, and organic herbs to make our traditional and hand crafted spirits".

Craft Food & Beverage Vendors

Jardesca, Santa Rosa, CA - "With Jardesca, we reinvent traditional aperitifs – opening drinks – to make them balanced and delicious for moments we share with our friends and family. Jardesca is inspired by our desire to capture the taste of the gardens and the vineyards of California in a bottle".

G's Hard Ginger Beer, St. Helena, CA - "A Passion Project and a Project with a Passion,

That sums up this Aussie born, now Napa Valley resident, roll up her sleeves grape farmer and winemaker – Donna Katz’s foray into the land of brewing these legit fermented hard ginger beer gems.

Donna’s combined her fermentation knowledge and healthy lifestyle to diligently create these hand crafted and decisively clean, wonderfully flavorful, plant based and organic hard ginger beers, that are also vegan, gluten free, and are either lower in real sugar, or that have no sugar or artificial sugar added".