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Soul Fixx Kombucha - A New Beverage Brand out of Healdsburg, Ca.

What happens when two chefs collaborate to create a fresh approach to Kombucha? You get a flavor-forward, well-balanced, probiotic elixir. Pulling inspiration from their multi-cultural heritage, world travels, and culinary backgrounds Chief Executive Officer, Erik Fritz, and Chief Creative Officer, Ruben Moreno brew up 3 unique Kombuchas and 1 sparking water out of their Healdsburg Kombuchery.

Soul Fixx Beverage Portfolio

Poppy & Vine had the opportunity to taste through the Soul Fixx portfolio and here are our tasting notes:

Grapefruit Mint Kombucha - Pop the top and you get a full nose of grapefruit, with hints of grapefruit zest. A refreshing tartness, without the heavy vinegar aftertaste and finishes with a hint of mint.

Apple Rose Kombucha - Reminiscent of a hard cider, the natural balance of sweet and tart plays well with the acidity of the Kombucha. The rose, while present isn’t overwhelming and adds a softness that rounds out the finish on the back of your palate.

Pineapple Tepache Kombucha - A fun flavor not commonly seen on our grocery shelves, this Kombucha is flavor-forward. Warm cinnamon notes on the nose, and toasted marshmallow, it’s a dry sweetness that would pair perfectly with spicy coleslaw and a pulled pork sandwich.

Blackberry Ginger Lime w/ 10 mg Hemp & Turmeric Extract, Sparkling Water - Mouthwatering blackberry fills your palate followed by a zip of lime and finishes with the earth tones of turmeric and hemp.

Available in a variety of local retailers in Northern California, as well as online for pick up and delivery.

Cheers - Poppy & Vine

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