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From Pastries to Pop-Ups: Pascaline Patisserie & Cafe

Pascaline Patisserie & Cafe is at it again this evening, this time with an Oktoberfest Pop-up!

While some may know of this tucked away pastry shop, that sits just north of Guerneville Road on Hwy 116, many do not. Which makes Pascaline Patisserie & Cafe a hidden gem and true treat.

Offering a down to earth cafe menu full of fresh flavors, decadent french pastries and warm hospitality, the cozy cafe is sure to feed your foodie soul. Hosting an event? Pascaline can also be booked for catering functions or if you're lucky, you can catch one of their Pop-Up dinners at the cafe.

Pascaline is still fairly young, almost 5 years old but the chef duo behind the scenes, Chef Didier & Chef Celine have a combined 50+ years in the Kitchen. They pack a culinary punch by bridging their classical culinary training, French German and French Basque heritage with California Cuisine. The result is a delicious addition to the Wine Country food scene.

Happy Eating - Poppy & Vine

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