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Miracle Plum - The Yellow Door on Davis Street

As you take exit 489 on southbound 101 towards Downtown Santa Rosa you end up on Davis street, along the eastern edge of Historic Railroad Square. One of Santa Rosa’s older neighborhoods, you’ll find the streets laced with new and old. Brick and stone buildings dating back to the early 1900’s, a new and improved rail system, antique stores, hotels, trendy restaurants, coffee shops and the newest addition, Miracle Plum.

Miracle Plum is an artisanal neighborhood market, serving up everyday grocery needs like fresh produce, dairy, grab & go lunch goodies, handmade kitchen wares and so much more! But something else you’ll find behind this yellow door on Davis street are the owner operators, Sallie and Gwen.

Who are the two women behind Miracle Plum?

A pair of Sonoma County locals; Sallie grew up in the Santa Rosa area, stayed local to raise a young family and grew her career in the local Food & Beverage scene. Gwen grew up in West County and lived along the West Coast before returning to Santa Rosa 9 years ago. She too has worked in the Food & Beverage world, running her own catering company, as well as creating handmade woodwork kitchen wares. Sallie and Gwen’s path would cross 13 years ago when a mutual friend introduced them but it wasn’t until Gwen’s return to Santa Rosa that they became close friends and soon to be business partners!

Sallie had been brainstorming a concept for almost 17 years before the pair would grow and turn Miracle Plum into a reality. All it took was a phone call Gwen would receive from a friend about the little shop on Davis Street. From there it was one of those “you want to do this, hell ya” moments. And after a year and half of business development, a concept pivot due to the 2017 fires, and a whole lot of moxie the doors to Miracle Plum opened in early August of 2018.

What can you expect to find at Miracle Plum?

The shop is filled with purposeful items, hand selected by Sallie and Gwen. They can list off every item, from spice blends to cookbooks, its source and why it’s been selected to have a space in their shop. It’s with that thought process and conversation that Miracle Plum believes we, as a community can make positive changes to the way we see and value food and its impact on our community. A true feedback loop, put in what you take out, seasonality, sustainability, supporting local and having direct relationships with the people who grow and manufacture your food.

What’s next for Miracle Plum?

Like all concepts, things come in stages. The first for Miracle Plum was opening the market (✔), next is building out their back patio for a dine in option. As well as a small commercial kitchen, pop-up events and beer + wine!

What is a Miracle Plum?

Miracle Plum was one of the 113 plum varieties Luther Burbank invented. It’s a cross between a wild French plum and a French prune and is almost seedless. It's Sallie and Gwen’s quiet nod to their hometown.

Happy Eating, Shopping and Supporting Local!

Cheers - Poppy & Vine

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