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Happy New Year - 52 Weeks of a Good Thing

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Leading up to NYE I saw post after post about New Years resolutions, intentions, goals, vision boards, you name it, it was posted. And that is great, I am all for them but something I really enjoyed doing for 2018 (and it was easy to stick with), was 52 weeks of a Good Thing. I've already started for 2019 and you can too, we are still in Week 1 of the new year. See below for how it all works and have fun!

Here's what you do:

  • Find a vase

  • Get yourself some 2x2 sticky notes, scratch paper, any paper is fine

  • Have dedicated pen

  • Find a convenient location - One you pass regularly, like an entry side table

  • Every week write down: a good thing that happened, something you are grateful for, a thing that made you smile, anything.

  • At the end of 52 weeks or more ideally on NYE, you pour them all out and read them at random.

It's a great reflection on the past year, along with a great way to start the new year... in gratitude.

A few of my cherished memories from 2018...

  • Getting Engaged and both our families were in on it...I on the other hand was clueless

  • Camping in Humboldt with great friends

  • My mom starting her Chemo Drug

  • Hawaii... take me back

  • Launching Poppy & Vine!!!

Happy New Year - Poppy & Vine

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