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Food, Fun & More - Wine Country Distillery Festival

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Here's a sneak speak at the festival's food finds, fun and more!

Snack Bites

King Floyd's Bar Provisions, Novato, CA - Barbary Coast Snack Mix, Dill Pickle Peanuts and more!

Jewels of the Forest, Occidental, CA - "Formed by two brothers with the help of their closest friends and family. The farm was founded in 2015 as the cultivation headquarters for oyster mushrooms and other choice exotic mushrooms. Wyatt and Hunter Bryson share a deep passion for the Fungi kingdom and sustainable food systems".

Valette, Healdsburg, CA - "The dream of Valette began nearly two decades ago between two brothers.  While enjoying a glass of wine on their father's porch overlooking the beautiful Alexander Valley vineyards of Sonoma County, Dustin Valette and Aaron Garzini envisioned opening a restaurant together which would provide a canvas for Sonoma County farmers, winemakers and artisans to showcase their craft".

Golden State Pickle Works - Sonoma County, CA " Using the bounty of northern California to make artisanal fermented vegetables, fruit and thoughtfully crafted condiments, we carry on the traditions of the American food pantry while also contributing to the dialogue. By supporting local farmers and their beautiful produce, we practice one of the oldest and purest forms of preservation to be enjoyed throughout the year".

Wine Country Chocolates - Glen Ellen, CA - " For the love of chocolate.  That’s how it all began for us in 1999, when we established Wine Country Chocolates in the beautiful Sonoma Valley.  We’re Betty and Caroline Kelly, mother and daughter, and partners in a chocolate adventure". 

Sonoma Creamery, Sonoma, CA - " Inspired by the vibrant agricultural bounty of Sonoma County the Sonoma Creamery® was founded in 1931. In the middle of the Great Depression, there was the belief in a simple concept– use the best milk and produce quality cheese. With that in mind, Sonoma Creamery® and Sonoma Jack® were born".

Bryerton's Roasted Almonds, Sonoma County, CA - " When you buy Bryerton's Almonds, you are buying THE FRESHEST ALMONDS RIGHT FROM THE HARVEST:.

Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery, Valley Ford, CA - " Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery was founded in 2008 and is located on Mountain View Jersey Dairy, off the rural coast of Sonoma County, California. The Bianchi family has owned and operated the 640 acre ranch since 1918 is now occupied by the third, fourth, and fifth generations".

Big Bites

Jam's Joy Bungalow, Santa Rosa, CA - "Sonoma County Food Truck Specializing In Vibrant South East Asian Cuisine".

Gerard's Paella, Santa Rosa, CA - " Always an adventurer, Gerard was profoundly influenced when he was introduced to the joys of classic Spanish Paella while skiing in Spain. Once he mastered the art of cooking this dish to perfection, he founded Gerard's Paella and took his passion on the road, where he is always happy to introduce others to Spain's most famous dish".

Cocktail Competition

Featuring five local Sonoma County Bars/Restaurants, the cocktail competition will feature Meyer Lemon Vodka from Charbay Distilling and King Floyd's Bar Provisions.

Cheer them on, taste and vote for your favorite!

Musical Acts

Miss Moonshine, Petaluma, CA - This alternative folk band will be closing out the festival with all it's folk glory!

The Real Sarah's, Boonville, CA - An organic sound that enchants and uplifts the spirit, you'll

hear threads of folk, jazz, blues, and country running through their songs.


More vendors are in the works, so check back for updates.

Cheers - Poppy & Vine

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