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Curiosity Created the Cocktail

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Perusing the aisles of one of my favorite stores, Bottle Barn that is, I came across the coolest looking bottle!

Citracot, spirits distilled from grain, hops, and apricots. This hidden gem is the brain child of 7S (Seven Stills) and Barebottle Brewing. Originally a beer collaboration, Citracot IPA resulted in a tropical cocktail flavor of soft stone fruit, juicy bitterness, and citrus notes. Now distill that beer and voila you have Citracot Citracot.

So naturally I bought the bottle and for a couple reason:

1. I’ve had other whiskeys from Seven Stills and really enjoyed them.

2. The bottle design was so fun and eye catching.

3. I was on a stone fruit kick

4. I knew it could make a fun cocktail.

Once back at home I turned on my mad scientist cocktail brain and got to creating… it didn’t take long for the ah-ha light bulb to turn on… Citracot meet When Jam Goes Wrong Peach Puree and the rest is history. The Citracot Peach Fizz was born. 😊

How to make a Citracot Peach Fizz:


- Rocks glass

- Cocktail shaker

- Jigger/shot glass

- Tablespoon (T)

- Cocktail spoon


This makes 2 cocktails or 1 large one

- 2-3 oz Citracot

- 2 T Peach Puree

- 3-4 oz Sparkling Water

- Ice (handful, divided in half)


- Place half the ice in cocktail shaker (about 4 cubes)

- Place the remaining ice in the rocks glass (about 4 cubes)

- Add 2-3 oz of Citracot and 2 T of peach puree to cocktail shaker

- Shake until you want to stop and then shake some more.

- Tip: Wrap a towel around the shaker, it helps mute the noise and keeps your hands from freezing

- Pour evenly between 2 rocks glasses

- Top with 3-4 oz of sparkling water (per glass)

- Give it a stir with the cocktail spoon


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