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Meat and Cheese and Bun, oh my…

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day and while I do love me a good Cheeseburger, my favorite burger is a Bacon Cheeseburger, it’s actually my favorite food. I mean it covers all the food groups in one sitting: protein, grains, dairy, vegetables, and fruit… yes, tomato is a fruit. But no matter what your burger preference is, Wine Country has you covered! In fact, depending on which article you read, California was the birthplace of the Cheeseburger.

As for the first Hamburger Stand in Wine Country? That info is a little harder to come by. What I could find, told me that Pick’s Drive-in, located in Cloverdale first opened in 1923 as Reed & Bell Root Beer Refreshery and that the Superburger location at 1501 4th street, originally a Dog-E-Diner, has been serving up burgers since just after WWII. While the original location of Superburger was just two blocks away at the intersection of 4Th, College, and McDonald Ave.

So where should you grab your next burger from? Here’s my list*, as well as some local favorites from Poppy & Vine readers.

*This list is focused on hamburger joints, not restaurants that have a hamburger on the menu, though I know there are good ones out there!

Poppy & Vine Picks:

· Superburger – Cotati, Santa Rosa (3 locations), Windsor – My FAVORITE Bacon Cheeseburger in town!

· Bun’s & Burger – Santa Rosa, CA (Larkfield) – a great classic burger.

· Carmen’s Burger Bar – Santa Rosa, CA (Larkfield) – A Family Favorite when it was at the Terrace Way location. The Mark West location is still a great place to have a burger and grab a beer.

· West Handmade Burger – Sonoma, CA – Update: This delicious farm to table burger joint has unfortunately closed in the Winter of 2020.

Reader Picks:

· Gott’s – Marin, Napa, Palo Alto, St. Helena, SF, SFO, & Walnut Creek

· Ozzie’s – Santa Rosa, CA (Rincon Valley)

· Carr’s – Forestville, CA – I loved this place as a child… Chocolate Milk Shakes and French Fires were my go-to!

· Sequoia Burger – Sebastopol, CA

· Picazo – Sonoma, CA

· Healdsburger – Healdsburg, CA

· The Chimney Tree Grill – Phillipsville, CA – I was recently introduced to The Chimney Tree and it was AWESOME, especially after a day on the river.

Happy Eating!

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