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A Quick Decade in Review

“You can dance in a hurricane but only if you’re standing in the eye” - Brandi Carlile

That’s about how I would sum up this year, this decade. As the year comes to a close, there has been an influx of 'The 10 year challenge', 'A Decade in Review' or your 'Top 9' post of the year. As I quickly scanned my memory of what that would look like, I realized I didn’t really want to rehash the last decade. This decade has tested me, pushed me, thrown me to the ground a time or two and gave me a new perspective on the words courage and resilience.

From divorce (grateful to be out of that marriage), to death (5 is too many people to lose in a decade), to natural disasters and health emergencies,

it's been a tough decade! Luckily, it has also been filled with love, marriage, babies, new friendships, travel & cherished memories.

So while I am glad to say goodbye to this challenging year and decade. I am grateful for what it has taught me. To believe in myself, to love myself, to spend more time with loved ones, to stand up and keep going, even

when it’s hard. But most importantly encouraging me to step into the human I am meant to be. So goodbye 2010’s and hello 2020’s, I am

excited for what this year and this decade will bring and I’m glad you’re along for the ride!

Cheers - Poppy & Vine

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